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    • Membership directly contributes to the Squash Foundation’s initiatives, making a positive impact on squash communities globally.
    • Joining actively participates in the global growth of squash, supporting programs that introduce and develop the sport in various regions.
    • Membership fosters a sense of unity among squash enthusiasts, creating a network of individuals dedicated to the sport’s growth and development.
    • Contributions help in improving access to squash, breaking down barriers and making the sport more accessible to individuals of all ages and backgrounds
    • Access exclusive programs designed to promote inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunities within the squash community.
    • Benefit from special member-only events, tournaments, and activities, fostering a strong sense of community among squash enthusiasts


  • our membership directly contributes to the global growth and accessibility of squash, making a positive impact on communities worldwide
  • Enjoy priority access to member-only tournaments, events, and activities, fostering a vibrant and engaged squash community.
  • Access personalized programs designed to cater to your specific interests and skill levels, ensuring a customized and rewarding squash experience.
  • Enjoy special discounts on events, merchandise, and partner offerings, maximizing the value of your membership.
  • Participate in programs designed to promote inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunities within the squash community.
  • Explore resources and programs designed to contribute to your personal growth, skill development, and understanding of the broader squash landscape.
  • Experience the pride of being a crucial part of the squash foundation’s mission, knowing that your membership actively shapes the future of the sport on a global scale.


Enroll in our life-changing programs to start a journey of professional and personal growth. Our extensive courses provide a dynamic combination of professional coaching, strategic insights, and community involvement, whether you’re a beginner looking to pick up new abilities or an experienced player looking to improve your game. Enroll now to start down a path toward enduring abilities, friendship, and an increased passion for squash.

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